Toxicity & Nutrient Deficiency

The First Stage To Recovery

Just like your doctor may order a variety of tests based on your symptoms to determine what’s wrong with you, at Digester Doc we have several tools we can utilize. The TND is a first-stage test that can identify issues in your digester, in many cases, early enough to head off costly treatments or unexpected shutdowns. 

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What Is A TND For

Often a TND is a first stage test conducted to identify the levels of critical trace elements within your feedstock. By identifying which elements are unbalanced in your system the TND study can inform possible remedies. A single imbalanced element can significantly reduce methane yield potential. Positive increases of 20 – 400% in biogas production have been observed by bringing the AD to optimal concentrations in these various trace elements. 

How Does The Study

Over 20 different trace elements are screened, including:

  • Arsenic, which is toxic to anaerobic organisms 
  • Iron, which has stimulatory effects that increase the biogas production
  • Manganese, which is an enzyme activator
  • Cobalt and Nickel, both of which are essential for the reproduction of Methanogenic organisms.

The concentrations of these elements are then assessed against the levels that we have determined are optimal for production, deficient (too little), prohibitive (too much), or toxic (poisoning your digester). These elements also need to be compared to one another, as several elements interact differently with each other based on their concentrations.

What Do You Get With This Study?

At the conclusion of this study, you will receive a full report detailing:

  • The current levels of these tested elements will detail whether they are at optimal, deficient, prohibitive, or toxic levels
  • For elements that are deficient, prohibitive, or toxic the report will explain the impact that corrective action will have on anaerobic digestion
  • Recommendations for corrective action or next stage testing as appropriate.

What Does This Study Entail?

Once your test is scheduled, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to sample and send it to us for testing. Once we receive your sample we’ll begin the TND testing which generally takes less than two weeks. Following the completion of the study, we’ll schedule a call to review the results with you.

TND Pricing

$ 2,000
  • Essential Element Balance Test
  • Detailed Report of Levels
  • Review Call With The Experts

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