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Common Anaerobic Digestion Challenges

Efficiencies within anaerobic digestion result from several factors; operational, chemical, and biological conditions. Few companies genuinely understand how correctly accounting for the chemical and biological conditions within each system reduces risks and increases the long-term profitability of a digester project. 

Our focus is Yielding you more biogas & fewer GHG emissions.

At Digester Doc, we improve the anaerobic digester industry through expert consulting, laboratory testing, education, research & development, and public advocacy. While many of our clients are dairies, our experience includes a multitude of feedstocks. We have developed feasible solutions for unique feedstocks like rat waste and blood plasma. We consult with small businesses and major corporations alike, and our experts are actively involved in developing environmental policies.

Common RNG Issues
We Can Tackle

Sulfur Remediation

H₂S is an unavoidable part of anaerobic digestion. In trace amounts (less than 50 ppm) the effect on your anaerobic digester is negligible. Our sulfur study determines the best sulfur solution for your digester by testing a number of commercially available additives with your feedstock.

  • Recommended additive solutions 
  • Technology-neutral advice to find the best custom solution for your anaerobic digester’s unique specifications.

Foaming Remediation

Digester foaming events can have a catastrophic impact on gas production. Our foaming study helps you to understand the nature of your foam so you can treat it quickly and effectively.

  • 1-hour consultation to identify the source of your foam and a sample analysis to identify a rapid solution.
  • Further consultation will also be made available at a discounted rate as needed.

Biogas Yield

Gas yield downturns events are a complicated matter and could arise from countless scenarios. A Biogas yield consultation would start with a free consultation call to establish some general information and identify possible testing avenues to determine the culprit for your downturn.

  • Identified the cause of this downturn 
  • Provide personalized recommendations to resolve the issue.
  • Find new solutions to increase yields

Our team of biogas experts

Will Charlton - President

Will has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the anaerobic digestion industry. He has succeeded in identifying critical missing elements within the anaerobic digester sciences that have enabled the industry to better optimize their biogas production and safeguard the health of their digester systems. Will has an entrepreneurial spirit, often developing new technologies and patentable processes for clients and for himself. 

Kurt Christensen - Vice President

Kurt is an entrepreneur and agricultural businessman who has owned and operated several businesses in a variety of industries. He has served, since inception, on the board of directors of a multimillion-dollar company helping to guide the company to twelve years of double-digit growth. Kurt has spearheaded the mechanical research elements of Digester Doc, working through several R&D projects.

Amy Hall - Director of Sciences

Amy Hall joined Digester Doc in 2022 as the Laboratory Manager. She has brought to the team extensive microbial and molecular biology knowledge and the organization and expansion of key testing methods. Amy strongly believes that a deeper understanding of the chemical and biological components of anaerobic digestion unlocks the full potential of your methane production.

Charles Jones - Director of Operations

Charles Jones has held the title of Director of Human Resources at Digester Doc for over four years. As the first employee of the company, Charles started in the lab as a technician and eventually established his role in HR. He has established and managed critical programs such as OSHA compliance, respiratory protection, data infrastructure, employee benefits, and company policy.

Max Badesheim - Director of Project Development

Max joined the Digester Doc team in early 2021, where he managed the communications and marketing department. In 2022 he began overseeing project development, where he organized the internal consulting efforts and coordinated with external teams to develop industrial-scale food waste biogas projects across the country.

Alexandra Arndt - Director of Marketing

Alexandra has developed a reputation for producing innovative and impactful campaigns for the RNG industry. Ms. Arndt has held a variety of roles for Digester Doc, including graphic designer, art director, and creative strategist, which has furnished a unique and multifaceted perspective on the creative process.

Abu Hashnat, PhD - Engineering Analyst

We are industry innovators and leaders finding handcrafted solutions to maximize your system's sustainability and profitability.

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