About Us

The Team

Digester Doc’s core values are innovation, integrity, and results. We started in a humble garage and never have forgotten where we came from. These core values represent our North Star that guides us forward. Serving you to the best of our ability is our destination. Let’s work together to save this planet and increase your profits.
Will Charlton - President
Kurt Christensen - Vice President
Charles Jones - Operations Manager
Amy Hall - Lab Manager
Nicole Aughtry - Lab Technician
Max Badesheim - Project Development Manager
Kathlyn Kinney - Consultant
Alexandra Arndt - Creative Director

We Are The Solution

At Digester Doc we have over forty years of experience in the anaerobic digester industry among our staff. Our focus is improving anaerobic digestion sustainability through scientific advancement, where we’re on the cutting edge of research and development. We are not just an R&D firm, though. We started in a humble garage, and we have never forgotten where we came from. We pride ourselves as the only full service AD consultation lab, with experience in every aspect of the anaerobic digestion industry. We’ve worked with clients large and small. Farm waste currently makes up a large portion of our business, but we’ve worked with digesters in practically every industry where they are used and we have solutions to fit every digester operation.  



The staff at Digester Doc has provided advice and consulting on anaerobic digester systems and policies around the world; including, among others, the California Air Resources Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, and major industrial entities such as Tyson Foods. Digester Doc is a partner at the Integrated Biogas Alliance. And our President, Will Charlton, the Digester Doc himself, serves on both the Pipeline Access and the Education & Research Advisory Boards at the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition).


2021 is shaping up as our biggest year in operation with the launch of two first-in-the-industry projects: Valkyrie – a 24/7 real time biological monitoring system and Mimir – a truly customized chemical blend program optimized on a digester-by-digester basis. 

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