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Renewable, Sustainable, Clean Biogas is what Digester Doc is all about.

We are a full-service center for anaerobic digestion specializing in long-term system health through innovations in biochemical research. We have been a successful business for over 10 years in the anaerobic digestion industry. Our professional team assists in all elements of the anaerobic digestion industry, including feasibility, incentives, permits, development, byproduct commercialization, and improving gas yields. By leveraging advances in scientific research, we provide novel solutions to industry needs.

With our proven solutions adjusting the chemistry and biology of anaerobic digesters, we’ve never failed to achieve at least a 30% increase in biogas yields and a significant displacement of GHG emissions with our optimization services.


We have been sought out to determine Phase 1 feasibility of over 30 sites. Our analysis helps investors understand the financial and economic markers of a project’s potential.


Digester Doc is actively involved with project development of anaerobic digestion systems with companies such as Tyson Fresh Meats, NW Natural, dairies, and farms nationwide


For the past nine years, we've helped operators resolve issues as they arose. Now we're looking to the future by developing methods to avoid these problems entirely.

Solving Your
Digester Issues

With experience in all digester issues, our expert team can help you. Whether you need an immediate solution to an urgent situation or consultation for ongoing problems, our lab is ready. 

Sulfur Buildup

H₂S is an unavoidable part of anaerobic digestion. Higher levels cause an increase in the odds of a mechanical breakdown.

Yield Downturns

Gas yield downturns events are a complicated matter and could arise from countless scenarios due to mechanical or biological upsets.

Foaming Events

Digester foaming events can have a catastrophic impact on gas production and wreak havoc on your mechanical operations.

Other Issues

Many issues arise during the operation of your AD system, Digester Doc is experienced and equipped to help you overcome all obstacles.

Digester Doc has completed over 120 projects to-date

Improving Anaerobic Digestion Sustainability Through Scientific Advancement

Find out more about how Digester Doc is simplifying anaerobic digestion

Using chemistry and biology to

maximize your system

Efficiencies within anaerobic digestion result from several factors; operational conditions, chemical conditions, and biological conditions. Few companies genuinely understand how correctly accounting for the chemical and biological conditions within each system reduces risks and increases the long-term profitability of a digester project. We offer the missing key to enhancing your facility; a deeper understanding of biology. Our ultimate goal is to create a complete account of the biological needs within digester systems and unlock the true potential of the AD process to avoid the need for shutdowns.