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At Digester Doc, we have over forty years of experience in the anaerobic digester industry among our staff. Our focus is improving anaerobic digestion sustainability through scientific advancement, where we’re on the cutting edge of research and development. We are far beyond just an R&D firm, however. We pride ourselves as the only full-service AD consultation lab with experience in every aspect of the anaerobic digestion industry.

Industry Knowledge

Our expert staff has collectively worked in the anaerobic digester industry for over 40 years, and we’ve seen it all.

Quality Results

Our lab is equipped with a suite of AMPTS II systems from BioProcess Control, and testing is run in triplicate to ensure precision.


While everyday solutions have their place, at Digester Doc we strive to identify the best solutions to safeguard your investment.


Anaerobic digesters are complex systems that require consistent upkeep and maintenance. We make it easy to keep your digester on track with our handcrafted solutions.

We know your system

We have the skills to get the job done right

We’ve worked with varying clients from large-scale operations and systems to more rudimentary designs. We have the expertise you need to get the job done right.

Farm waste currently makes up a considerable portion of our practice. Still, we’ve worked with diverse feedstocks and unique anaerobic digesters in practically every industry where they are utilized, and we have solutions to fit every digester operation.  

Improving anaerobic digestion stability has never been so easy.

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Tailor-Made Solutions

What puts us above the rest?

In our years as a business, using simple adjustments to chemistry and biology, we’ve never failed to achieve at least a 30% increase in biogas yields and a significant displacement of GHG emissions with our optimization services.

Our experience in the renewable energy industry has been enriching. We have been honored to participate in outstanding collaborative opportunities that have changed and shaped who we are and what we aim to accomplish. We aspire to take full-service anaerobic digestion consultation and extensive laboratory services to new heights by reinventing the waste-to-energy industry and making RNG viable.

Whatever Your project needs, we have it.

Laboratory Services

Our full-service laboratory has the equipment and the expertise to get your anaerobic digester's health and stability back on track and consistently operating at its full potential.

Consulting Services

Whether you're in the planning stages of your project or want to find ways to maximize your facility, we are your one-stop shop. Our proven results and experienced staff make us the first and only solution that's right for you.


Valkyrie Analytics monitoring provides real-time stability tracking in the palm of your hand. Keep track of your facility's health and avoid costly digester upstes before they occur.

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Turning your organic waste into value is easier than ever. Simply pick up the phone and dial our dedicated sales team to kickstart your journey. Our experts are standing by, ready to tell you all about our tailor solutions and innovative approaches to tackling even the most complex digester challenges.

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