Trace Elements Monitoring and Custom Blend Solution


Delivered Monthly to you - A custom chemical blend formulated to maintain the health of your digester and maximize your biogas yields.


Increased biogas yields will account for a net revenue increase


Regular testing and consulting to account for any variation throughout the year which may entail adjustments to your custom blend (testing schedule varies by selected package)

What Is Mimir For?


  • Increasing biogas yields by correcting nutrient imbalances


  • Balanced systems are more stable which means reduced downtime

How Does Mimir

By analyzing 26 micro- and macro- elements critical to the performance of methanogens, we prescribe a custom nutrient package unique to your system. We also re-evaluate your nutrient levels on a regular basis to make sure you always receive the recipe you need.

What Does Mimir Entail?

The first step in the Mimir solution is for you to send us a sample for Toxicity & Nutrient Deficiency (TND) analysis, which generally takes less than two weeks. This analysis identifies existing problems and informs possible remedies.

Once the TND is complete, the next step is to perform an exploratory BMP. Different feedstocks can respond to different nutrients differently, so we test a control (no additive) to compare against possible recipes to find the one your feedstock responds best to. BMPs generally take 30-45 (calendar) days to yield accurate results.

Once the BMP test confirms a custom blend, we can begin implementation. We will provide you with your custom blend and a dosing schedule so that your digester can reach and remain at optimal biogas production levels.

Mimir Pricing

Basic Package

The basic package is for feedstocks that have limited adjustments over the course of the year.
$ 3,500 Monthly
  • Bi-Annual Testing
  • 4 Tests Annually
  • Monthly Custom Blend

Preferred Package

The preferred package is for constantly changing feedstocks like food wastes
$ 6,000 Monthly
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Monthly Testing
  • 20 Tests Annually
  • Monthly Custom Blend

Standard Package

The standard package is great for more stable feedstocks such as dairy manure.
$ 4,500 Monthly
  • Testing on Alternating Months
  • 10 Tests Annually
  • Monthly Custom Blend

Pricing is an estimate based on typical digester size and location. Actual pricing may vary. Additional lab testing may be performed upon request. Sites with active Mimir contracts shall receive 10% off eligible lab testing. 

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