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At Digester Doc, our team of seasoned professionals has the experience to get the job done right the first time.

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We offer CI evaluations, RIN/LCFS navigation, and project feasibility analysis to optimize your production

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We have seen the worst kinds of upsets out there, and we know how to fix them. Our experience even allows us to correct several issues before a project is built.

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About the Consulting services we provide

With over 40 years of experience, our team of seasoned professionals has the experience to get the job done right the first time. At Digester Doc we are committed to the success of anaerobic digesters across the world.

Project Feasibility Analysis

Digester Doc has over five years of experience in project feasibility analysis. We have been sought out to determine Phase I feasibility of 30 sites. Our analysis helps investors understand the financial and economic markers of a project’s potential.

Research, Development & Technology

Whether you’re looking for expert consultation on a project you’re developing or you’re a developer that needs lab services for multiple projects, our retainer packages are the right fit for you. We offer standard retainer packages. Contact us for details. 

Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Analysis

By reviewing information such as agricultural nutrient management plan, energy production, energy consumption, and many other factors. We are able to assess the impact of technologies and how the affect CI score and associated LCFS credits. We are able to make early-level assessments and offer solutions that will allow you to take advantage of LCFS opportunities.

Additional Consulting services we provide

Whether you are dealing with EPA regulations or your local DEQ, we can help you navigate the intricacies of the permitting process. From installing a new flare to land applying your effluent we can help you understand what your local requirements will be.

Typically used for starting a digester, this is a 3-month simulation in the lab of your anaerobic digester to identify any problems with the feedstock prior to commissioning the digester. This is typically done when the recipe is known and people want to explore any potential issues during the start up process. This enables us to predict and curb those issues before they occur. It is a real time simulation model of a digester in which we feed 2-3 times daily, and maintain standard operational conditions of the plant in question.

Because we have worked with so many different digesters (and digester technologies) we can provide valuable experience for developers and investors. Digester Doc can help provide a selection of technologies and products for each aspect of your project and tailor technology solutions to suit your needs.

By reviewing local pipeline maps, we can explore the options that are available for gas injection.


We have over forty years of experience in the digester industry. Our team is ready to help you with any aspect of anaerobic digestion, from feasibility to development, on to operations, and upsets. We can even help you sell your digester.

Jeffrey Lippert

Montose Environment

Digester Doc quickly provided us with our BMP's, macro, and micro nutrient levels and toxicity results for the plant's feed tanks and digesters. The result came back with significant deficiencies in the digesters on nearly all nutrients, many only 25% of their healthy ranges. Will and his team provided a comprehensive report and recommendations on how to improve the health of the plant. Since implementing these measures, the health of the plant has improved significantly and we are now able to continue ramping up and not showing any signs of slowing down.

Melinda Flores

New Energy One LLC

Digester Doc has helped us through all of these issues as well as with our initial start-up and any other issues we have had along the way. We have been completely satisfied with his quality of work and his ability to help us get the most out of our plant. When it comes to digester testing and system analysis, Digester Doc is our first call and has always worked very hard to make sure our issues are taken care of and follows up to make sure the solution implemented is working for the long haul

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