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You may have been told that what goes on inside a digester is a mystery, but the one thing that you know for sure is if something isn't going just right it will probably cost you major profit and might shut you down. 

Risk and ProfitWelcome to Digester Doc.  We are a company that is dedicated to solving the riddles of the "black box" and providing you answers by using science and experience.

Digester Doc is a small business that specializes as a full service laboratory as well as offering a specialized monitoring service for digesters in any part of the world.

Using our knowledge and experience we can bring you the best possible productivity and efficiency for your digester system, maximizing your revenue potential.

If you own, operate or plan to be involved in a digester facility, take time to investigate our site.  We have services that will benefit the operation of nearly every anaerobic digester manufactured today. 

If you consider the costs associated with digester problems, your best money is spent in:

  1. recognizing the early warning signs of a problem,
  2. diagnosing the cause, 
  3. applying the proper fix and
  4. monitoring the recovery.

Please contact us with any other questions dealing with your digester application and we will do our best to provide answers that will help you with your specific needs.

Just like people, no two digesters are the same.  Let the Digester Doc provide the right prescription to help you get and maintain top health in your digester.

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